Test Automation using Scripting Languages

Dion Johnson, DiJohn Innovative Consulting

Unless you have an automation tool for functional testing, you probably do not have time to execute all the manual tests you should. Even if you have such a tool, you may not have the quantity of licenses necessary for reaching your desired level of efficiency. An alternative is to automate tests using scripting languages, such as VBScript, Ruby, or Perl. Scripting languages are at your fingertips every time you sit in front of your computer and are imbedded in many popular, commercially available automated test tools. With examples using VBScript and Internet Explorer, Dion Johnson reveals a step-by-step approach for creating and implementing automated tests via scripting languages. This eye-opening presentation offers valuable information for all who are truly serious about test automation.

  • Accessing and implementing scripting languages
  • Creating automated tests using a scripting language, e.g., VBScript
  • Object models for automating tests

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