Testing Enterprise Software Rewrites

Umang Nahata

Most enterprises have legacy code that needs to be rewritten to keep pace with industry standards, new technologies, and modern infrastructures. The primary purpose of an enterprise software rewrite is to ensure functional compatibility before retiring a legacy system. However, replacing large, complex, bread-and-butter legacy systems is a risky and costly project endeavor, frequently resulting in projects failing, being shelved, or abandoned. Software rewrites face significant challenges due to detailed code requirements, legacy infrastructure, and lack of support. Umang Nahata discusses test strategies and assessments he has used to resolve these challenges. Explore techniques, practices, and lessons learned to effectively manage and test software rewrites. Hear Umang’s experience on minimizing software architectural transformation for effective delivery and scoping, auditing test data for internal systems, using legacy systems as test oracles, and building effective automation. Join Umang as he shares real-life examples of successful software rewrites and take away a valuable perspective to deliver software rewrites in your organization.

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