Three Things You MUST Know to Transform into an Agile Enterprise

Mike Cottmeyer

The farther we go down the path of scaled agile transformation, the more we learn that adding process and complexity can only take us so far. At some point, size and complexity are going limit our ability to be truly agile, and we must move toward greater organizational simplicity. The challenge is that large organizations are often complex and usually anything but simple. Most agile transformations start by either ignoring the complexity inherent in the system or by wrapping complexity in planning constructs that may help in the short run but ultimately doom your business agility. Mike Cottmeyer discusses three things you need to know to successfully transform any-sized organization into an agile enterprise: (1) patterns for creating cross-functional teams at scale, what gets in the way, and how to get there; (2) why clear backlogs are hard to create and what you need do to create them; and (3) why creating work-tested software is key to actually getting the business benefits your organization is seeking.

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