Using Lean XP to Supercharge Your Agile Delivery

Jim Collins

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Most teams that do agile development start with Scrum. And why not? Scrum is a proven method for focusing your team, ensuring that work adds value, and minimizing the risk with release. Then, after awhile, Scrum becomes stagnant. There are no more speed increases, and the team focuses more on ceremonies than delivery. At this point, Extreme Programming (XP), and Lean XP in particular, is the next step in agile maturity. Lean XP means developing software at the last possible moment ("just-in-time development") using one-week sprints, test driven development, pairing at all levels, an emphasis on automated continuous integration and delivery pipelines, the use of release toggles, and eliminating work that does not add value. It helps teams focus on what really matters and minimizes distractions. Teams deploy faster and more confidently, deployment risk is minimized, and the quality of the deliverables improves. If you are working in an environment where you need to move fast and change is constant, then come learn if Lean XP is right for you.

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