What “Good” Looks Like: The 4 Quadrants of Product Ownership

Bob Galen

The product owner role was introduced in Scrum in 1993, so the role has been around for more than twenty-five years. Yet we still struggle with the nature of it. Is it simple or complex? Is it inward- or outward-facing? It is about backlogs and stories, or something more? And is ownership the whole point? Bob Galen will share his 4 Quadrants model for what "good" product ownership looks like in the real world. It will start with balance, because the role is so broad and deep in its nuance. There are product, project, analyst, and leadership parts to the product owner role, and we’ll explore each in turn and talk about connecting each area. We’ll also explore the partnerships that are key to success. And finally, we’ll explore product ownership at scale, which is its own can of worms. You’ll leave with an understanding of what product owner excellence looks like and how crucial it is for team success.

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