Why Classic Software Testing Doesn’t Work Anymore

Regg Struyk, Polarion Software

The classic software testing team is becoming increasingly obsolete. Traditional processes and tools just don’t meet today’s testing challenges. With the introduction of methodologies such as agile, testing processes with a "test last" philosophy cannot succeed in a rapid deployment environment. To exacerbate our testing difficulties, we now have to deal with "big data" which introduces an entirely new set of problems. In the past, we have relied on tools such as test automation to solve these problems; however, classic test automation simply will not suffice on its own and must be integrated with the right testing activities while being supported by correct procedures. When you combine these problems with inadequately defined requirements and limited resources, you have a recipe for testing disaster. Regg Struyk shares real-world examples and offers constructive ways to move away from traditional testing methods to a more integrated process using concepts such as test-driven development and TestOps.

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