Why Continuous Improvement Programs Fail: Can Kaizen and WIP Help?

Michael DePaoli, VersionOne, Inc.

If you have established an agile or lean development approach and aren’t experiencing meaningful innovations or improvements in your process, this session is for you. Michael DePaoli shares an interdisciplinary understanding of why change initiatives so often fail and what to do about it. Join Michael and your peers to explore the neuroscience behind change and review the patterns of cultural, organizational, and behavioral dysfunction that impede improvement efforts. To address these challenges, Michael explores the kaizen philosophy of change and why optimizing from a current situation is often better than attempting revolutionary changes. Through the use of an innovation game, you’ll have an opportunity to share your challenges with continuous improvement and work with Michael and other participants to map out a new approach. Learn how to cultivate a kaizen culture and apply work-in-progress (WIP) limits to achieve a continuous improvement competency within your development approach.

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