Machine Created "Level-5" Autonomous Testing | Provided by Appvance

For at least three decades, QA engineers have been automating tests by writing scripts in a very much manual process. Guess at the best accessor and write some code–line by line. And still, to this day, some reports suggest that end-to-end tests are still 70% manual.

While there are dozens of webinars talking about when AI will come and rescue us, Appvance already delivered true autonomous testing back in 2017. Once it’s trained, it will find bugs you otherwise would not have time to find. And it will write re-usable scripts for your later use. Appvance IQ is an enterprise-class system which starts at $5K/mo for both on-prem and cloud instances.

What you will learn in this white paper:

  • How developers and QA teams can leverage machine generated use cases and test automation to dramatically increase application coverage and reduce user-found bugs by 90%
  • How the AI system can generate hundreds of real use cases and validations and provide an interactive map of the results
  • How to setup and train the AI
  • What kinds of applications have the largest gain from use of an AI test system
  • Application coverage versus test coverage, and why you want the former
  • How one client found bugs that were a problem for years using AI autonomous tests


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