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How C++ Is Agile How C++ Is Agile[article]

Two of the Agile principles are simplicity and the ability to meet changing requirements. In this article we discuss how C++ fulfills these and other Agile software development principles through its language features.

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Agile Change Management: Using Agile to Lead Change[article]

Resistance to change in the business world limits the ability of organizations to transform, adapt, compete, and succeed in an advancing marketplace. It's important for today's leaders to adopt an agile approach to change management, being willing to risk, practice, and drive change from a visionary perspective.

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What Makes JavaScript Suitable for Agile Development What Makes JavaScript Suitable for Agile Development[article]

Agile principles for software development emphasize the importance of simplicity, flexibility, and continuous delivery of valuable, working software. Any software that uses JavaScript during development benefits from the Agile features of JavaScript. In this article, we will explore how JavaScript supports Agile.

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Kubernetes RBAC: A Practical Guide Kubernetes RBAC: A Practical Guide[article]

Kubernetes RBAC is a powerful feature that allows you to fine-tune access to resources in your cluster. By creating roles and role bindings, you can specify exactly which users and processes have access to which resources and actions. This can help you to secure your cluster and prevent unauthorized access to critical resources.

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An Agile Approach to Developing a New Software Version[article]

Every software typically develops a new version periodically. Creating a new software version is an involved process, and in this article, we will explore how it can be made Agile.

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