How self-assignment of tasks is practiced by Agile Practitioners?

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Zainab Masood asked on January 23, 2017 - 3:23pm | Replies (4).

Is self-assignment a purely self-directed practice or is a mix of self-directed with assistance from others?Assistance here could be from other team members or Product Owner/Manager/Team Lead/Client/Customer?


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The team decides, as a team, how they will manage the work. I like it when the team works together on stories, pairing, swarming, or mobbing. Why not work together? Working together moves stories across the board faster. 

If the team members really want to work along, the person who is ready to take more work does this:

  1. Walk up to the board. 
  2. Look at what's on the top of the ready column.
  3. Take that card and move it to in progress (or whatever the first column is) and starts to work on it.

Why would anyone else need to "assist" someone in taking work? 

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Anonymous replied on March 15, 2017 - 8:44am.

Look at that article published by wed and mobile development company 

<a href="/%3Ca%20href%3D"" rel="nofollow">">What is Agile methodology, the easiest explanation with real life solutions</a>

I think you could find all answers there.

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The best decision is to work with a team together. In the end, it's a common project and everyone is responsible for it. And it's always better when all the team members are involved in the planning process. Here's a link to a blog post about the most popular development methodologies, their pros and cons.

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