Agile Development Infrastructure—on Premises or in the Cloud?


security measures are often well managed in these environments. Finally, it is important to gauge the profitability of the cloud infrastructure service provider you select. If service provider goes out of business, it may be difficult to get your data converted and hosted by another provider. Understand how portable your data will be to another platform and ensure you have backups readily available in another location.


There are other disadvantages to this approach: the ability to customize the infrastructure and software therein is reduced, many of the integration issues may remain if there is a high degree of complexity in the working environments, and that there is less control over the skill level of the support staff meaning sometimes they will be experienced and quick troubleshooters and other times they will not.


When using this approach, it is important to ensure that the cloud infrastructure provider being used has prescribed service levels, established backup, recovery, and fail-over processes, is able to meet regulatory compliance standards, has the ability to allow you to scale up, provision, and instantiate quickly, and other factors for support, load balancing, and performance. Other factors that should be considered before selecting a cloud infrastructure provider is their financials such as their cash position, spend rate, profit margins, etc.


When using either the physically owned or rented cloud approach, you should have an application architecture and network diagram established which includes the platforms, operating environments, interfaces, services, locations (physical or cloud). The specifics of the design will help in defining the physical infrastructure to purchase or the cloud infrastructure to rent. With owning the physical infrastructure, there needs to be more in-house expertise in establishing the architecture, infrastructure, and network design. With

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