Endangered Business Analysts

A Critical Link in Software Project Ecology

who are knowledgeable about our specific business practices and technology environment to worry about the specifics of how these issues are addressed. Without subject matter experts worrying about the details, we can't effectively manage our projects--even with extra project managers and a manual full of good project management practices.

Bottom Line
Though the population of systems analysts is dwindling, our projects still need their expertise. Our future depends upon preserving the ones we have by maintaining their habitat and food supply (treat them right and pay them well). We also need to nurture the young ones so that they can grow to be the strong systems analysts of tomorrow. Preserving their niche is vital to our success.

Career Thought for the Week
It is relatively easy to outsource programming to a group of smart people with electricity and Internet access anywhere. It is difficult to outsource business analysis--by definition the business analyst must live in proximity to the systems users.

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