Keeping a Project Journal

A Key to Personal Growth

meet with the developers to discuss some questions we have? (No)

15 Apr

Downloaded the latest build from the configuration management system.
It won't even compile. A number of files are missing.

26 Apr

Development has announced that source code will not be turned over to
testing because it "previously appeared to have created some
confusion." What that means is that when we saw how bad it was and
said so publicly, it embarrassed development.

29 Apr


What we all knew was finally admitted by management.

26 May

That's it. I'm done. My three months of consulting are up. I'll miss my
apartment on the beach. I can't say the same about this project.

Remembering this project, its successes, its difficulties, and most of all the friends I made, I smiled, put the project journal back in its box, and walked back upstairs.

Satir Model: Family Therapy and Beyond. John Banmen, Jane Gerber (Contributor), Maria Gomori (Contributor), Virginia M. Satir. Science & Behavior Books; ISBN: 0831400781; (July 1991)

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