Personality Factors That Influence Core Build and Release Management Practices


In her Personality Matters series, Leslie Sachs examines the personalities and people issues that are found in technology groups from cross-functional, high-performance teams to dysfunctional matrix organizations.

Communication Styles
To achieve success in implementing build management essentials, you need to consider and accommodate different ways of communicating. For example, many experts note that men and women communicate differently. Facilitating collaboration among diverse individuals may require different strategies for bringing out the best in each stakeholder to ensure the success of the entire team.

Resistance to Change
Resistance to change comes in many forms and may require some flexible skills to overcome. Kurt Lewin's well regarded change model includes three main phases: “unfreeze – move – refreeze.” The unfreeze step involves finding the key to successfully convince a group or individuals to adopt a new set of practices. Significant events such as failing an audit (possibly impacting your year end bonus) often causes organizations to reconsider their current standard operating procedures and provides the motivation for change. Once the new build management processes are implemented, you typically want to “freeze” them in place using a workflow automation tool (providing traceability and repeatability).

Productivity and Quality are Essential
Build engineering has a strong focus on automating builds which obviously results in improved productivity and quality. While many developers view the build process as “slowing them down,” the truth is that it is essential for build management to speed things up, although with a steady focus on ensuring that all processes are both repeatable and fully traceable.

Build management essentials are core practices and processes that can significantly help you achieve achieve success along with better quality and productivity. Enhancing your repertoire of essential people skills will help you be able to work with all of the key stakeholders who are responsible for making this effort a success!

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