Value of Configuration Management by Agile Professionals


high value of the version control function correlates well with the first study where a high percentage of agile professionals indicated that CM tools (e.g., version control) were either extremely important or very important.

Branching and merging is next with a score of 8.33. When considering that a big part of continuous integration assumes merging, then this high score is not surprising. Most interesting is change control with the fourth highest score of 7.92. In the survey, there was a short description included with change control that said "process of managing changes". With this additional piece of information, it may be that Agile professionals align control of changes with iteration planning where change is periodically managed. Not surprisingly, CM reporting and auditing are perceived as least valuable. Agile tends to find reporting beyond the basic burn-down charts of less value and believes that auditing is just an extra step that is unnecessary when the team works continuously and closely together. Table 4 illustrates the average values of the various CM functions. While I do not consider this conclusive data, it is certainly data to consider.


Table 4: Average value scores of the various CM functions.


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