SM/ASM 2000 - Software Management & Applications of Software Measurement


Estimation for the Savvy Project Manager

The most critical estimate in the life of a project is the first estimate at project planning or initiation. This presentation explores the significance of the initial project estimate and suggests ways to approach developing this critical estimate. Learn how a savvy project manager can use this estimate to encourage creative collaboration rather than strife among project stakeholders.

Douglas Muir, Software Productivity Centre Inc.
Evaluating, Selecting, and Measuring Subcontractors

During the past decade, it has become more commonplace to subcontract major portions of large software and systems engineering projects. Due to a lack of a well-defined set of tools or guidelines, this process has generally been ad hoc and inconsistent. Jim Nielsen describes Motorola's efforts to develop a comprehensive set of tools, processes, and measures to use in evaluating and selecting subcontractors and in predicting subcontractor performance and product quality.

Jim Nielsen, Motorola
Function Point Counting for Mere Mortals

Function points have occupied a difficult place in software metrics. They correlate well with development effort, but their use has been hindered in part by the difficulty of learning them. Lee Fischman discusses Galorath's efforts to achieve a revolutionary reduction in time-to-learn by lessening unfamiliar nomenclature and methodological excess. Learn how function points can be simplified for use by everyone within your organization.

Lee Fischman, Galorath, Inc.
Golden Rules and Tools for Establishing a Quality Culture

Developing and implementing a quality program across an entire organization can be a daunting task. Managers want immediate results and value for the money they invest; software developers don't want to be bothered. Learn how to tackle this challenge head-on and discover the "golden rules" to use to help promote and manage quality in your organization.

Laura Jenkins, Lucent Technologies
Guerilla Software Metrics: Leaving the Developers Alone

This presentation describes an approach to initiating and conducting a metrics program that takes advantage of existing measurement/tracking infrastructure without adding significant extra tasks and reporting responsibilities. Scott Duncan identifies three areas where measurement data may already exist. Learn how to work with management and staff in these areas to make use of the data being collected.

Scott Duncan, SoftQual Consulting
Guerilla SQA: Conquering the Land a Bit at a Time

In a large part of the software industry, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) has become equated with activities performed primarily by testers. Scott Duncan describes an approach to introduce SQA practices within an organization without focusing on the main development flow. Learn key QA practices to encourage implementation, and discover how to tie the QA efforts back to effective data-centered decision making.

Scott Duncan, SoftQual Consulting
Implementing Metrics in a Level 1 Organization

This presentation focuses on the work necessary to implement metrics in an organization recently assessed at level 1. Gain an understanding of why a metrics program must coordinate with ongoing software process improvement activities to be successful. Learn the "soft" skills needed to effectively implement a metrics program in your organization.

Michael Hovan, Bayer Corporation
Improve Your Estimating Process--Beginning with a Proof of Concept

Estimating is like the weather; everyone talks about it, but no one does anything about it. This presentation provides the techniques required to execute a Proof of Concept estimating model, allowing an organization to trial run the tools, techniques, and methods required to estimate projects more accurately and earlier in the lifecycle. Learn the key elements of this approach, and obtain templates to employ in your organization.

David Herron, The David Consulting Group, Inc.

Integrating Requirements-Based Tesing in the Development Process

Good data feedback of software measurements is critical when analyzing measurement data, for drawing conclusions, and as the basis for taking action. Feedback to those involved in the activities being measured helps validate the data as well. In this presentation Ben Linders shows examples of how Ericsson Telecommunications delivers feedback at two levels: projects and the total development center. Although the basics are similar, the application differs, and the key success factors depend on the level and the audience.

Richard Bender, Technology Builders, Inc.

Internet Product Delivery: Creating Quality at the Speed of the Web

Based on an operations perspective, Richard Martin shares his experiences with an e-commerce company in the areas of project planning, quality assurance, release management, and project delivery. Learn how the e-commerce market differs from other enterprise applications and which "best practices" make the most sense. Explore the most effective ways to manage change at Web speed.

Richard Martin, Calico Commerce


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