Agile, Automation, and the Cloud

Kiran Karnad, Mimos Berhad

The cry throughout organizations today is “move to the cloud”. However useful the cloud may be, testing applications hosted in the cloud presents an additional set of challenges. Both the application-under-test and the platform changes need to be regression tested. Taking you on a journey to demystify the testing lifecycle for cloud-based applications, Kiran Karnad details the different approach and the new set of practices and tools we need to deliver high quality cloud applications. Join Kiran as he shares the process of continuous integration for the cloud and introduces an open source tool for automation and performance testing. Using these experiences, Kiran highlights the salient points of testing cloud-based applications and differentiates it from testing in the traditional world. Take away new ideas and approaches for automating test execution, performance testing, and the challenges agile methodologies present to testing in the cloud.

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