STARWEST 2012 - Software Testing Conference


Mari Kawaguchi, Bank of America

If you have had your testing window reduced or you are being challenged to do more with less, this session is for you. Mari Kawaguchi shares how she and her team embraced these challenges to transform their testing operating model. Sharing her extensive experience, Mari details the road map that elevated her testing organization to a valued and strategic partner within the organization.

Peter Cole, IBM Rational

Remove software and service dependencies enabling continuous integration and testing across the development lifecycle. Stand up test environments faster and at a lower cost accelerating development and test cycles. Balance quality and speed - deliver high quality software faster.

David Jellison, Constant Contact

Efficient agile organizations focus on defect prevention rather than downstream defect discovery because discovering defects during or after testing adds to development costs. Delaying discovery and repair of defects can make an agile team feel like they are operating in a mini-waterfall. Sharing his experience with Scrum/Kanban teams, David Jellison describes how grouping defects into two major categories-work-in-process defects and escaping defects-reduces development costs and improves reliability in the field.

Kiran Karnad, Mimos Berhad

The cry throughout organizations today is “move to the cloud”. However useful the cloud may be, testing applications hosted in the cloud presents an additional set of challenges. Both the application-under-test and the platform changes need to be regression tested. Taking you on a journey to demystify the testing lifecycle for cloud-based applications, Kiran Karnad details the different approach and the new set of practices and tools we need to deliver high quality cloud applications.

Stu Stern, Gorilla Logic

As enterprises scramble for competitive advantage by rapidly creating and deploying compelling mobile applications, testing professionals have been challenged to quickly adopt new tools and processes to provide effective testing. Failing to meet this challenge often can result in "one-star" user ratings that doom the application to failure.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.

Want to be a great test manager for your team? A leader your company values highly? Too many test managers do what their organization asks-rather than what their organization needs-and hope for good things to happen. Great test managers are leaders who don’t accept the status quo. They continuously seek ways to improve testing processes and practices. Instead of whining about needing more resources, they set priorities and get things done.

Brent Strange, Go Daddy

The cloud offers users a way to easily access applications and data from anywhere on any device. However, behind that simple façade lies a colossal testing challenge. Go Daddy's Storage as a Service and the surrounding SOA consist of technologies galore. Test automation and coverage do not come easily with a technology portfolio that includes PHP, Perl, Python, C++, MySQL, RabbitMQ, and Cassandra-to name just a few.

Ken Johnston, Microsoft Corporation

Big Data systems-those in which data sets grow so large that they become awkward to work with using traditional tools-are a huge problem for testers. To address the Big Data problem, testers must throw the traditional approach of creating and executing fixed test cases out the window. Ken Johnston and Reena Agarwal share how testing is changing and adapting within Microsoft on the Bing search platform and elsewhere. There, they are implementing sophisticated analysis techniques to validate system output and measure data quality.

Clark Malmgren, Comcast Video Services

Customers in today’s Web 2.0 world expect rapid releases of feature-rich applications that just work. Keeping up with such a paradigm change requires test organizations to focus heavily on test automation. Also required is the ability to deal with a test environment that has multiple teams simultaneously working on different areas of a product. Of increasing importance are parallelism, pipelining, and using machine intelligence to sort through the noise and find real defects in products.


Challenges of mobile test automation. Approaches for implementing mobile app test automation. Cloud enabled mobile app test automation- A failure proof approach - Characteristics, Best practices and Benefits 


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