STARWEST 2012 - Software Testing Conference


The Tester's Role in Continuous Integration

If your software product is recompiled and integrated frequently, you can improve your testing by integrating automated tests into your continuous integration process. In many organizations, unit tests are run as part of continuous integration; however, that is not enough. During the continuous integration cycle, integration of all automated tests-system, integration, unit, and regression-is vital to help find defects quickly and provide a substantial return on investment.

Ayal Cohen, HP
The Vital P's of Testing: Purpose, People, and Process

When building a testing organization, where do you start? Technical skills? Domain knowledge? Testing experience? The cheapest resource? A set of testing tools? A formal test process? Mike Hendry suggests that before looking for staff or tools, you must ask-and answer-fundamental questions about the planned organization.

Michael Hendry, UNUM Corporation
Three New Technologies that Will Disrupt Your Test Organization

Which forces are shaping the future of your test organization-processes, tools, technologies? It is a simple-and misleading-question. The test organization is not the center of the universe. The test organization serves the IT department and the business. If they change, the test organization must change. Three new technologies-the cloud, service-oriented architectures, and multi-tenant systems-are revolutionizing IT departments. Test organizations must adapt their methodologies, tools, and processes to these technologies.

Klaus Haller, Swisscom IT Services
Using Agile Techniques to Manage Testing - Even on Non-agile Projects

Sometimes, test managers and teams can get bogged down in rigid processes, excessive documentation, and simply too much data, resulting in less actual testing getting done. The good news is that there is a better way! Brian Osman describes how he applies agile and lean practices within his test team, even on non-agile projects. Brian shares his experiences with low-tech, high-value techniques such as big visible charts to track and share information.

Brian Osman, OsmanIT


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