STARWEST 2012 - Software Testing Conference


Code Coverage in the Internet Age

With the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud computing, and client-side scripting-coupled with web services-how do you guarantee adequate code coverage for your applications? Basic tests inadequately cover many of these technologies, leading to defects and disappointing user experiences. Michael Portwood describes the importance of unit test coverage and then presents techniques, tips, and tricks to simplify the process of achieving more complete coverage for Internet-enabled solutions.

Michael Portwood, The Nielsen Company
Combinatorial Test Design: Beyond the Gee-wiz Numbers

Combinatorial Test Design (CTD) is a great technique to ensure that your tests cover your test space thoroughly at a depth that matches the level of risk. Although it is entertaining to consider the huge number of tests required to test all combinations and compare that to the small number that CTD selects, there is so much more to learn. Karen Rosengren takes you on a journey through a program she led inside IBM.

Karen Rosengren, IBM
Cross-platform Testing at Microsoft

Microsoft Office products have been available on Windows-based and Apple Mac personal computers for many years. Now, with the rapid proliferation of mobile device platforms, current testing strategies are more difficult to justify because it is not feasible to implement test suites from scratch for each new mobile platform that arrives in the market. Join Jean Hartmann in an exploration of the platform-agnostic testing space and learn about current cross-platform strategies, tools, and processes being developed within Microsoft Office.

Jean Hartmann, Microsoft Corporation
Database Load Testing and Performance Analysis: New Approaches for Fast Results

Ever wonder exactly how a database becomes the bottleneck for an entire application? Ever think about replaying real production load to see if your application can stand the pressure? Ron Warshawsky presents novel methods for performing load testing at the database level to quickly identify database performance problems. Ron shares the best ways to load test the database side of applications and to analyze the performance of databases.

Ron Warshawsky, Enteros, Inc.
Engineering an Enterprise Selenium Framework

Manipulating a web page is only the beginning of test automation. A large test automation suite contains an enormous amount of information about a system. Creating and maintaining such a system can be a nightmare if done incorrectly. If you don't have a feature-rich test automation framework, you're making your life more difficult than it needs to be. Drawing on his years of experience, Brian Kitchener discusses the benefits and pitfalls of engineering an enterprise test automation framework using Selenium.

Brian Kitchener, Pearson eCollege

Forgotten Wisdom from the Ancient Testers

In our increasingly agile world, collaboration is the new buzzword. But collaboration is hard to do well. Testers are challenged to work directly, effectively, efficiently, and productively with customers, programmers, business analysts, writers, trainers-and pretty much everyone in the business value chain. There are many points of collaboration including grooming stories with customers, sprint planning with team members, reviewing user interaction with users, whiteboarding with peers, and buddy checking.

Dorothy Graham, Consultant

How to Break Web Software

If you're new to testing Web applications or facing new challenges, you may feel overwhelmed by the terminology and multiple technologies of today's Web environments. Web testing today requires more than just exercising the functionality of applications. Each system is composed of a customized mix of various layers of technology, each implemented in a different programming language and requiring unique testing strategies.

Dawn Haynes, PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Innovative Tools for Your Mobile Testing Toolkit

Automating mobile testing faces challenges from a huge variety of devices, resolutions, user interactions, and operating systems. While there is no single solution in the market that can solve all your testing needs, Eing Ong has found a few innovative open source tools that stand out. Learn how Sikuli, ImageMagick, and MOET (Mobile End-to-end Testing) can address the limitations of instrumentation techniques and how you can leverage them individually or together to test your native mobile applications.

Eing Ong, Intuit, Inc.

Leverage Your Test Automation ROI with Creative Solutions

Typical automated tests perform repetitive tasks quickly and accurately. However, with some creativity, you can leverage automation to dramatically increase its ROI. Doug Hoffman demonstrates how to employ test automation for testing activities that are impossible with manual testing.

Doug Hoffman, Software Quality Methods, LLC
Making the Most of Test Automation on an Agile Project

In today’s competitive marketplace, the ability to rapidly release new product features is vital. As we move from traditional release cycles of months and years to cycles of days and weeks, test automation approaches need rethinking. Alexander Andelkovic describes the challenges of implementing and integrating rapid test automation on an agile project. Traditional test automation tries to maintain an ever-growing regression test suite and struggles to implement automated tests of new functionality.

Alexander Andelkovic, Spotify


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