Making the Most of Test Automation on an Agile Project

Alexander Andelkovic, Spotify

In today’s competitive marketplace, the ability to rapidly release new product features is vital. As we move from traditional release cycles of months and years to cycles of days and weeks, test automation approaches need rethinking. Alexander Andelkovic describes the challenges of implementing and integrating rapid test automation on an agile project. Traditional test automation tries to maintain an ever-growing regression test suite and struggles to implement automated tests of new functionality. Manual testers often lack the necessary skills to implement automated tests in a short-cycle development environment. Alexander describes a process to save time by having manual testers implement their own tests daily using a simple, model-based test automation framework that requires only basic modeling and scripting skills. Automated tests can be implemented earlier, providing valuable feedback to the project. Alexander shares a glimpse into the future of test automation with a description of a fully-automated test solution.

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