Code Coverage in the Internet Age

Michael Portwood, The Nielsen Company

With the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud computing, and client-side scripting-coupled with web services-how do you guarantee adequate code coverage for your applications? Basic tests inadequately cover many of these technologies, leading to defects and disappointing user experiences. Michael Portwood describes the importance of unit test coverage and then presents techniques, tips, and tricks to simplify the process of achieving more complete coverage for Internet-enabled solutions. Michael shares tips for automation and techniques for testing both client- and server-side scripting. Gain insight into identifying code requiring complex testing techniques and explore ideas for covering them. Michael describes complex testing situations-like those found in multi-threaded and distributed code-where test coverage alone may provide misleading results. Michael illustrates these approaches with specific quick start and real-world rollout strategies to help you identify, isolate, and then remove latent uncovered code-before your customer tells you about it.

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