Conducting Agile Retrospectives That Drive Real Change

David Horowitz

Think about your latest retrospective. Were people interested and engaged, or did they complain and accuse? Did you leave the retrospective feeling like you learned something valuable, or were you simply there to check the retrospective off your list? Retrospectives are hard work, but effective retrospectives can have a transformative effect on your team’s performance and, ultimately, your organization’s ability to achieve its goals. Join retrospective expert David Horowitz as he explores tangible steps you can take to turn your retrospectives into the catalyst of continuous improvement they were designed to be. He will show you how to create an environment of equality while doing something physical to reinforce action. He'll also share how to create and use a Retrospective Radiator and how to organize a circle of retrospective facilitators so that you invest in this valuable skill. Finally, David will give advice on how to involve agile leaders to aggregate, organize, and respond to impediments. You’ll leave with practical steps to give your team a voice that can be heard by your manager, your stakeholders, and your company’s executives.

About the Presenter

David Horowitz is cofounder and CEO of Retrium, the world’s first and only enterprise-ready platform for agile retrospectives. Prior to that, David spent nearly a decade between the World Bank and International Finance Corporation as a software developer turned agile coach. While there, he experienced firsthand the importance—and difficulty—of effective retrospectives at scale. In addition to bachelor’s degrees in computer science and economics from the University of Maryland, David has a master’s degree in technology management from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business. In 2013, he successfully founded and exited a movie search engine business. David is married to his college sweetheart and is the father of three little ones.

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