Deal Me In: Playing the Mangage Your Manager Game

Jon Hagar, Lockheed Martin

We all have managers above us with whom we must deal-and how we deal with them requires skill and practice. To be successful and help a team be its best, you, as a test manager, need daily practice at managing your manager(s). Using an "arms length" viewpoint of gaming, Jon Hagar examines seven situations in which you may need to win in order to get what you want and what your team needs. But not all games can be won or at least not in exactly the way we might want to win them. The test management game is about positive intent, taking the high road-you do not have to cheat-and knowing when to bet and when to fold your cards.

  • You want a promotion or even your manager's job. What can you do?
  • Your manager sets impossible schedule or budget goals. What can you do?
  • A manager is not listening to the test information. What can you do?

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