Hallmarks of a Great Tester

Michael Hunter, Microsoft Corporation

As a manager, you want to select and develop people with the talents to become great testers, the ability to learn the skills of great testers, and the willingness to work hard in order to become great testers. As an individual, you aspire to become a great tester. So, what does it take? Michael Hunter reveals his twenty hallmarks of a great tester from personality traits-curiosity, courage, and honesty-to skills-knowing where to find more bugs, writing precise bug reports, and setting appropriate test scope. Measure yourself and your team against other great testers, and find out how to achieve greatness in each area. Learn how to identify the great testers you don’t know that you already know!

  • The personality traits a person needs to become a great tester
  • The talents a person needs to become great tester
  • The skills you need to develop to become a great tester

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