ISQTB Certification: Setting the Standard for Tester Professionalism

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting

Sandra Bourgeois has 25 years experience as an IT professional project manager, test manager, developer and QA lead. She is a Director and Project Manager at MassMutual
Financial Services in Springfield, Mass. For the past three years she has functioned as the senior IT Test Manager at MassMutual, working with a variety of large projects to
identify and resolve testing roadblocks to project implementation. She also serves as a project manager and teaches classes on testing topics, focusing on Performance
Testing. Most recently she has been the Performance Test Manager for several critical projects including Internet, Intranet and technical upgrades. She has presented at the
QAI International Conference. Her background also includes working as a social studies teacher and museum tour guide since graduating from Vassar College and UCLA.

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