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Previous conferences of Star West and the agile methodology in general have accepted the concept that testers and programmers are both subsets of the developer category. Is this still the accepted definition or are programmers the only team members that are considered developers.

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I don't know official definitions. 

The Tim Ottinger definition of a developer is "a person who materially participates in the development of a software product." 

Sure, that includes documentalists, UX, Ops, Customers. I'm okay with that. 

But I also know that a lot of people use it as a euphemism for "programmer" so I try to stay aware and either pick it up through context or simply ask.

Is that remotely helpful? 

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Developers make charts that assist developers with composing PC code. Programming engineers make the PC applications that permit clients to do explicit undertakings and the basic frameworks that run the gadgets or control organizations.


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