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Helpful Practices in Agile Testing

“Testing” in an agile environment is much different from classic testing on waterfall projects. Testers must be involved in all aspects of software development. Jeroen Mengerink shows you how professional testers can become key contributors in agile projects. First, he explains how to pair...

Jeroen Mengerink
Turbocharge Your Automation Framework to Shorten Regression Execution Time

Asad Faruqui and Moni Mau say that their old regression automation used to take three-to-four days of execution time as they ran against different browser versions, locales, and currencies. They wanted to make the automation framework more efficient so features could go to market faster.

Asad Faruqui
Git and GitHub for Testers

GitHub is the repository for the vast majority of today’s open-source software. And that is why many interviewers look at applicants’ public GitHub.com accounts to assess their interests, popularity, helpfulness, and consistency. To collaborate with developers, today’s testers need git and...

Wilson Mar
Open Source Test Automation: Riding the Second Wave

After the first wave of open source test automation tools like Fitnesse and Watir, we are now in a stronger, second wave led by Selenium-based frameworks. This powerful swell, fueled by a major shift toward web-based applications on desktops and mobile devices, is changing how corporations...

David Dang
The Canary in the Coal Mine: Create an Early Warning Tool to Help Your Testing

Many organizations are using virtualization technology to increase the number of available test machines. However, this increase creates a new dilemma for testers. How can you confirm that all test systems are running properly and not showing signs of serious defects? Since many companies...

Stephen Burlingame
Boost Test Coverage with Automated Visual Testing

Joe Colantonio shares how combining your existing automated tests with scalable automated visual testing can help you dramatically increase coverage, reduce maintenance, and substantially boost test robustness, efficiency, and ROI. Joe includes real-life use cases—automating cross-browser...

Joe Colantonio
From Zero to Hero in 205 Days!

As test managers, we face challenging situations that require us to draw on our past experiences, principles, and good practices in order to have any chance at all for success.  Michael Wasielczyk faced this challenge immediately after joining T. Rowe Price. He started his new job...

Michael Wasielczyk
Use Combinatorial Testing for Mobile Device Fragmentation

A common problem in mobile systems testing is the number of hardware, operational, and software configurations that need to be tested. For example, the so-called Android fragmentation problem might lead a test team to test hundreds of device and software configurations, yielding thousands...

Jon Hagar
Finding Success with Test Process Improvement

When you go on a road trip and want to plan your journey, you need to know where you are, where you want to go, and why you want to go there. You need the same things when you want to improve your test process. It doesn’t matter whether you are agile, waterfall, or part of a Test Center...

Gitte Ottosen
Telling Our Testing Stories

As software practitioners focus on technology issues, we often find that our messages to management and the business are either not heard or are misinterpreted. And sometimes we do not hear the messages that they need us to hear. Isabel Evans examines our natural ability to tell stories...

Isabel Evans


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