Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility in Creative Ways


tablets, then testing and feedback during a pilot run would be imperative before a school-wide launch.

5. Partnering with Content Providers
Schools could partner with content providers and publishing companies for proofreading exercises. Companies get their content validated with real end-user feedback, and students learn or refresh their knowledge of subjects carefully chosen to be in line with the curriculum for a given grade.

Depending on the product, these could be simple take-home assignments, exercises set up at school for a few students to try together as a group (especially when specific software installation is required), or exercises done in a usability lab at the product company’s premises (especially when certain software dependencies make it difficult to hold the testing exercise at an external location). A side benefit here is the great team spirit fostered amongst students.

6. Internships
In summer internships or camps lasting a week to ten days, the school can partner with software product companies, content providers, and publishing houses to provide field testers to test products and provide feedback. This also might be a good way for students to make some money in the summer and use their time productively.

While these projects may add overhead, they also benefit students, schools, and companies in the following ways. Students become more creative, motivated, and challenged to try things out of the ordinary. They are able to better understand their lessons and begin to appreciate the content more, promoting a holistic learning experience. These exercises potentially help them earn small but well deserved income at a young age and also pave a path for their future careers.

Schools build a positive ecosystem with motivated and empowered students and teachers. These programs outside the core curriculum also helps build the school’s reputation in town, amongst parents, and even amongst other competing schools. And, they pioneer the adoption of new technology, giving schools a leading edge in education. The schools are able to contribute back to the community by helping to build products of great quality through partnerships with companies.

Finally, these programs also go a long way in helping companies get valuable product and content feedback at a much lower cost compared to hiring additional testers. More importantly, the companies are able to work toward their CSR missions in a fun and creative way, helping to build great software testers for the industry down the line.

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