Scaling Agile Development via Architecture


vision throughout the lifetime of such an effort.

Parting Thoughts
You'd be hard pressed to find an agile team that doesn't model on a regular basis, and this includes architectural modeling as well. This article overviewed a collection of architectural strategies for agile software development teams. I invite you to join the Agile Modeling mailing list,, so that we can continue to discuss agile approaches to architecture, requirements, and design as a community. I also invite you to get involved with the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) at where we are developing both an open source editing tool and open source process materials describing agile development methods and techniques. There is a lot of interesting work going on around agile architecture techniques and I'd love to see you get involved. I'd like to thank Per Kroll and Jim Ruehlin for their feedback regarding this article.

Suggested Resources
The Agile Data Site,, contains several articles describing agile approaches to enterprise architecture.

The Agile Modeling Site,, contains a large number of articles about agile modeling techniques, agile requirements, and agile architecture.

IBM developerWorks Architecture Forums and Community , offers a wide range of resources for web services, SOA, J2EE, UML, and architectural techniques.

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