Test Managers-Start Managing!


Learning What Money Can't Buy
Often managers feel that they can make up for poor management and planning by throwing money at the problems on the project. For example, when projects face an approaching deadline that is in danger of slipping, there's often an inclination to attempt to assign more resources or try to automate quickly. However, the fact of the matter is that extra resources, test automation, and other attempts at getting quick results generally require more time in the short term. So, making such attempts at a moment when time is of the essence can be extremely counterproductive. Test managers must be able to effectively communicate this to project management to avoid making a bad situation worse.

As someone who has managed test teams and worked for both effective and ineffective test managers, I've seen the positive impact of successful mitigation of the known testing concerns discussed in this article, as well as the negative implications of failing to mitigate them. I therefore implore all test managers to do your job and find a way to effectively address these predictable circumstances, either by using the recommendations laid out above or by identifying your own.

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