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Now a day lots of Open Source Agile tool available in the market but i am confuse which Scrum Web Tool i use? i suggest some tool



2.Scrum Backlog Tool


From the Agile Meetup with Johanna Rothman.

From our recent Agile Meetup with Johanna Rothman.

By Lisa Anderson - May 16, 20133 Answers

We're curious as to what other groups use Sprint 0 for. What tasks are you doing during sprint 0?



By Lisa Anderson - April 25, 20137 Answers

We were asked to estimate the effort for epics but declined to do so until it was broken out into stories. Is there any realistic way to accurately estimate the effort for an epic?

Can anyone help me with an effective self-assessment tool to measure agile maturity in our organisation.

I have used 5 Whys, 5 S, Kanban, JIT, Value Stream Mapping

I'm interested to know of other projects where this situation has come up.  Would you recommend this?  Or should each team have only one QC tester?

The company where I work for is adopting SCRUM as methodology for development processes. Then I have to figure out how apply testing in this methodology.


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