What should be the fundamentals/standard we should expect all agile teams to follow in an organization?

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Sandy Sidhu asked on September 6, 2013 - 7:33pm | Replies (1).

Question from recent meetup with Scott Sehlhorst.


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Not sure what standards or fundamentals you are implying, but there's only a couple I hold near and dear (I'm gonna be blasted for this, I'm sure!)... - Keeping bureacracy and meetings to an absolute minimum. - Report and communicate as much as needed so that team members (and stakeholders) know status and what the current focus is. (An example, is to highlight "getting to 0 [remaining tasks]" on a daily basis. There are those practicing agile that are almost religious to following every agile rule there is--that may be all good, but if your team isn't paying attention to some of it or it simply doesn't appear to apply to the work, I'd emphasis only the fundamentals that are required to get the project out on time and that will delight the customer.

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