Self-assessment tool to measure agile maturity

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Can anyone help me with an effective self-assessment tool to measure agile maturity in our organisation.

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Johan, the real question is why do you want to know? What benefit will you gain from learning this answer?

Here are some questions to get you started:

1. If you are doing iterations, are they four weeks or less? The answer should be yes. Many of us like one or two week iterations. Why? Because you get feedback more often rather than less often.

2. Do you have demos at the end of each and every iteration? The answer should be yes. Why? To get the feedback from the customer/Product Owner.

3. Do you get every item in the backlog to done at the end of every iteration? The answer should be yes. For many teams on their journey, the answer is "not yet." This does not make you bad, it makes you "on your journey." You want to discover why.

4. Do you perform retrospectives at the end of each iteration to learn and inspect/adapt to improve your team's agile process?

5. Do you look at your work in process and monitor that?

6. If you use iterations, do you measure your velocity with a burn up chart and make sure it does not look like a hockey stick?

7. If you are using kanban, do you measure your cycle time? Are you happy with your cycle time? (Did I just use a word that did not make sense to you :-)

8. Do you measure cumulative flow?

Now, you have a set of questions for a self assessment. Hmm, maybe I should blog this! I could get feedback and improve it.


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It's not something I'd use to compare teams or for management to use, it's something teams can use to see how they are doing and what they could do to improve.

Other than that, my beleif is "how agile you are" is irrelavent.  Are you satisfying your customers?  I prefer to use NPS (net promotor score) as a customer satisfaction measure and you can run NPS surveys with customers (actual people who use your solutions) or stakeholders.  It's a lagging indicator and, to me, it's most effective measure of how well we're doing as an organization.

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Over the years, I've collected information about agile self assessment tools, checklists, etc. Today I published a page which lists all know ton me:

Which checklist / tool do you use to assess how agile and lean you are? Let me know!

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