Can agile methodology be applied to migration project? my customer needs consolidate several collaborative platforms into one?

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Salam ELIAS asked on October 25, 2013 - 6:39am | Replies (1).

I have a customer who is not mature in Agile. He is thinking of using agile methodology to migrate several open source collaborative software/platforms to a single identified platform.

His is thinking that migration team is ready to learn and carry out migration at the same time? Is tghis a good idea? Is there any case studies or tips on using agile methodologies for migration projects and which methodology?


Thanks in advance

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The answer is yes. The Agile methodology can certainly be applied to migration project, but there is a catch here. The definitions of done should be very accurately defined specially if its being done for Customer. In this particular case, it sounds as if each sprint software/platform into identified/targeted platform. 


The migration and learning can happen simultaneously, but needs to be clearly defined in the scope of sprint (accomodating learning time within cycle). This is to ensure that people don't get burned up due to project pressures, a common problem seen in Agile Teams. 

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