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organizational structure Code Factories: Making Agile Work in Large Organizational Teams[article]

Making the transition to agile can be difficult for teams that are used to working in large groups and reporting to a single manager. Kris Hatcher suggests a new way to work: in smaller teams called code factories, which are created to stick with a specific product throughout its lifetime.

Kris Hatcher's picture Kris Hatcher
Better Test Automation Better Test Automation, Metrics, and Measurement: An Interview with Mike Sowers[interview]

In this interview, TechWell CIO and consultant Mike Sowers details key metrics that test managers employ to determine software quality, how to know a piece of software's readiness, and guidelines for developing a successful test measurement program.

Josiah Renaudin's picture Josiah Renaudin
two arrows merging 5 Steps to Successful Process Management in Mergers and Acquisitions[article]

When going through a merger or acquisition, capturing the critical processes of both parties is a key to success. Including everyone in the planning helps ease the impacts of change and develop ideas for the future. Here are five steps to assist with process management and create a new organization that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ivan Seselj's picture Ivan Seselj
Embracing the Top Trends in Software Testing[magazine]

As user needs change for software apps expanding into IoT, mobile, and the cloud, testing approaches need to change. Shyam Ramanathan discusses eleven of the most important testing trends you should incorporate.

Shyam Ramanathan's picture Shyam Ramanathan
STAREast Logo A Tester’s Experience with User Experience Mapping[presentation]

Let's take an off-the-beaten-path approach to quality—testing based on actual user experiences. Being aware of surroundings and emotions while using intuition and instincts are attributes of great testing. With the right tools and approaches, we can learn to tap into users’ experiences to...

Marjana Shammi
STAREast Logo Don’t Be Another Statistic! Develop a Long-Term Test Automation Strategy[presentation]

Choosing the appropriate tool and building the right framework are typically thought of as the main challenges to successful test automation. However, even after careful tool selection and advanced automation framework construction, many find long-term success elusive. Lee Barnes discusses...

Lee Barnes
STAREast Logo Nature vs. Nurture: Building Great Test Teams[presentation]

When organizations expand internal test teams, hiring managers sort through piles of résumés hoping for a few gems. But scanning for coveted technical skills and relevant experience often leads to disappointment. With the proliferation of new software and the explosion of mobile devices...

Shaun Bradshaw
STAREast Logo No More Exploratory Testing—Really?[presentation]

Thirty years ago when Cem Kaner coined the term “exploratory testing,” it was largely ignored for almost a decade. Since then, the idea of exploratory testing has moved through recognition, controversy, hostility, tolerance, and acceptance. Yet questions remain: Is exploratory testing an...

Michael Bolton
STAREast Logo The Selenium Grid: Run Multiple Automated Tests in Parallel[presentation]

The Selenium Grid unleashes the full power of Selenium to run multiple automated tests in parallel across multiple platforms. Brian Long demonstrates the use of an open-source framework developed at Virginia Tech to get up and running with a Selenium Grid in about an hour. He begins by...

Brian Long
STAREast Logo Budgeting, Estimation, Planning, and #NoEstimates: They All Make Sense for Agile Testing[presentation]

Many levels of estimation are practiced in agile, including budgeting, high-level estimation, and task planning (detailed estimation). That might seem like an anathema to agile, but it is not. Mike Harris shares a case study that provides an approach that “checks the box” for standard...

Michael Harris
STAREast Logo Combine Test Automation Code with Product Code: The Good, the Bad, and the Lessons Learned[presentation]

At STAREAST 2015, Chris Loder spoke about the automation framework that he and his team built at Halogen Software. At the time, they had just moved the test automation code into the development code base so that everyone in R&D was able to use it. One year later, Chris returns to...

Chris Loder
STAREast Logo Build a Quality Engineering and Automation Framework[presentation]

How would you like to be in this position? Development sends the final release candidate for multiple systems with a user base of one million just a day before the production release, and you are expected to sign off on the overall software quality. Rahul Shah is responsible for providing...

Rahul Shah
STAREast Logo Acceptance- and Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber: Three Case Studies[presentation]

Acceptance test-driven development (ATDD), behavior-driven development (BDD), and Cucumber promise many benefits related to your user story acceptance tests. They promise tighter collaboration between the product owner and the team. They promise the ability for the product owner and...

Mary Thorn
STAREast Logo The Lean Startup Method and Its Value for Testers[presentation]

A startup is an organization created to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty. Approximately 40 percent of all startups will cease operations with investors losing everything; 95 percent will fall short of their financial projections. And the number one...

Lee Copeland
STAREast Logo Stay Ahead of the Mobile and Web Testing Maturity Curve[presentation]

Join Danny McKeown, Paychex’s lead test enterprise automation architect, to learn how to climb the testing maturity curve and increase predictability and reuse, all while accelerating repeatable and reliable testing. Learn how Paychex iteratively built a well-defined web and mobile app...

Danny McKeown


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