Advance Your Agile Adoption with Lean Portfolio Management

Martin Olson

As organizations begin to scale their agile adoptions from independent teams to a more organized "team of teams" structure, one of the challenges that is typically harder to address is budgeting and forecasting funding. The traditional approach of project-based annual funding doesn't allow for the effective integration of new information and market changes into the funding strategies. As organizations mature in their adoption of agile, they begin to better understand the need for changing the way they do lean portfolio management (LPM). Attend this session to get a basic overview of what LPM is and how it differs from a more traditional approach. You'll learn some typical problems that organizations encounter, hear from the audience about specific challenges they are having, and, finally, walk through a novel way of approaching these challenges. You'll get some solutions you can take back to your organization to improve your own lean portfolio management.

About the Presenter

Martin Olson is a principal with Silicon Prairie Solutions and Scaling Matters. Silicon Prairie Solutions helps organizations and their associates grow and adapt more lean and agile abilities through training, coaching, and mentoring. Scaling Matters is a Scaled Agile Framework SPCT Gold partner, providing its clients with industry-leading SAFe training. Martin has over twenty-five years of IT experience and has been working with agile practices since 2003. Martin founded the Agile KC group and continues to lead it after fourteen years. He also was a founding member of the Agilehood KC, which connectc groups and communities to foster collaboration in the Kansas City metropolitan area. You can reach Martin at [email protected].

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