Aligning Zero-Touch Nonfunctional Testing in DevOps Implementation

Subash Newton

When a host of applications and data centers get migrated from their traditional IT systems to a cloud-based data center using an automated DevOps model of deployment, effective testing is critical to success. True DevOps value is realized when all development, testing, and operations functions collaborate and operate on a zero-touch automation model. In this session, Subash Newton will review the prerequisites for creating an effective DevOps testing strategy that includes nonfunctional testing. He will share how to set up an effective test strategy using a zero-touch process automation framework that dramatically increases test automation efficiency. You'll get deeper insight into various aspects of nonfunctional testing for DevOps implementations, such as intelligent change-based automation, extending automation to include performance testing, automatic conversion of manual and automation scripts to performance test scripts, testing of nonfunctional requirements during continuous integration, and many more techniques. You will leave with the strategies, approaches, and tools necessary to integrate nonfunctional testing into DevOps.

About the Presenter

Subash Newton is is a creative, results-driven, seasoned technology leader with around twenty years of proven IT industry experience. He specializes in architecting and providing technical solutions and delivery management for in-house and globally distributed customer environments. He currently holds the role of Practice Head—Specialized Testing with HCL Technologies, heading the nonfunctional testing and digital assurance portfolio. Aligning to market trends, Subash focuses more on business development, competency and capability development, and delivery and sales enablement by providing thought leadership solutions toward specialized testing, covering digital, performance, automation, security, cloud testing, IoT, data analytics, and data center transformation testing to customers in domains such as BFSI, e-commerce, commercial, and telecom segments.

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