Fuel Agility with Transparent Expectations

Nabila Safdar

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Do you know how your work is aligned to tactical and strategic goals? Success is rooted in a productive and cohesive team-centered culture. When culture and execution are misaligned, failure is almost certain. Everyone on and around the team must understand their role in defining, delivering, and growing value. It sounds easy, but the discipline can be tough, which leads to disappointments and unwelcome surprises. Nabila Safdar focuses on curating transparent expectations by the following six core practices. First, foster candor and respect. This leads to unity. Second, have fresh conversations when new information is learned. This eliminates assumptions. Third, seek to understand the purpose and intent behind every objective. This enables us to confirm value. Fourth, rethink and replan when we learn something new. As agilists, we respond to change. Fifth, welcome feedback and give it often. This encourages nonstop engagement. Sixth, ask early and often. We should challenge assumptions and awareness continually. These practices are an investment, and when you practice them together, agility can become a team attribute.

About the Presenter

Nabila Sattar Safdar served biotech, software, retail, non-profit and academic teams over the past thirteen years. Driven by the passion for continuous learning, Nabila is always exploring new ways to better serve teams. Her primary focus is on strengthening relationships to optimize value. Currently she is filling the Scrum Master role at Do it Best Corp. Nabila is a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified Scrum Developer and Change Manager. Nabila also enjoys teaching project management for Purdue University.

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