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I'm currently in a situation where my organization wants to transition to using Scrum for software development and enhancements but we don't have a clear idea as to who will assume which role.   Any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks!


I am an IT student at the University of St Andrews, UK. I am currently writing my master thesis on requirements management in Scrum.

I would be delighted if you would like to take part in a short 15 min survey to share your Scrum experience.


If you are interested, you could also participate in an optional follow up interview via phone or Skype. If you prefer not to be interviewed your answers will be completely anonymous.

The survey focuses on aspects of agile requirements management that some research papers claim to be challenges. Hence the survey does not ask many questions about general practices in agile requirements management.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

Thank you very much for your support.


I would like to investigate if and how agile priciples can be applied to a TV production enviroment in Denmark. Primarely with a focus on developing a project process that help the production crew navigate in the process when the final TV program haven't been decided from the beginning (outcome is unclear)? 

Therefore, does any of you know anything about this - any suggestions for reading or such is also very welcome!


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