Agile Framework

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How does Agile framewrok fit to IT Infrasructure projects?Traditional IT Infra projects have more in common with Waterfall way of working?

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Agile Framework is not restricted to I.T. software development only.

Now as we get into the era of Cloud and Infrastructure as Code IoC, everything is software more or less or code.


So using Scrum methodology under Agile Framework, you can create your Infrastructure backlog.


If you are creating infrastructure using Public Cloud or Private Cloud, you can use the Well-Architected Principles, five pillars,

1. Operational Excellence

2. Cost Optimisation

3. Resilience

4. Performance

5. Security

You can have 5 scrum teams working in parallel to satisfy these for your infrastructure and evolve it based on Product Owner, in this case, could be the Lead Solution Architect or Infrastructure Architect leading this work stream.

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