What are the top Agile conferences to attend this year?

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Recently a friend had an amazing time attending an Agile conference, and I got curious: what conferences focused on Agile are worth going? 

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Many of the conferences that were scheduled for 2020 have been put back to 2021.

There are at least 27 27 Agile Conferences that are still taking place from July-December 2020. You can find more information here: https://www.schoolofinnovation.net/agile-conferences-2020.


Agile Coach Camp

Agile Tour

Last Conferences

Lean Agile Global 2020

Agile Midwest

Agile & Beyond

Lean Agile Exchange

Agile Islands 2020

LOXDOC - Live Online XDevOps Convention

Large Scale Scrum Conference 2020

eXperience Agile week


Agile India

Agile Australia

2020 Digital PM Summit Online

Global Scrum Gathering Lisbon

Agile Leadership Day & Business Agility Day

Agile Online Summit 2020

Agile-Lean Ireland 2020

Agile + DevOps East Conference

Business Agility Vienna

Forward Summit 2020

Women in Agile Europe 2020

LearnFest Caribbean

Scrum Australia

Kanban India 2020

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