Which is best tool for GUI Testing & Performance testing

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Which is best tool for GUI Testing & Performance testing

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GUI Automation : Selenium with Splinter or Test NG is a very quick start toolset. In line with Engineering practices.

Perofrmance Testing : HP LoadRunner, Always better to go for a loaded tool with all possible features for non-functional testing (primarily Load/Stress/compatibility)

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Selenium and JMeter are the leading two tools for UI Automation and Performance testing

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What language, platform, development stack are you asking about? 

What kind of an application?

What does "best" mean for you-- that you can write tests in advance of development, that you can record/replay, that you can write tests without "sleep" command in them? That you have convenience of testing or fidelity to actual use? 

What do you want from a testing app? There can be no best tool for every job. 

A little more information makes this answerable.

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For GUI testing, you can use Web Test by Appperfect. It is a fully automated GUI testing tool for web applications. Moreover, it is free.

For Performance testing, Load Test is a free tool from the same company. It is very easy to install and use. 


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