Which is best tool for GUI Testing & Performance testing

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Which is best tool for GUI Testing & Performance testing

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GUI Automation : Selenium with Splinter or Test NG is a very quick start toolset. In line with Engineering practices.

Perofrmance Testing : HP LoadRunner, Always better to go for a loaded tool with all possible features for non-functional testing (primarily Load/Stress/compatibility)

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Selenium and JMeter are the leading two tools for UI Automation and Performance testing

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What language, platform, development stack are you asking about? 

What kind of an application?

What does "best" mean for you-- that you can write tests in advance of development, that you can record/replay, that you can write tests without "sleep" command in them? That you have convenience of testing or fidelity to actual use? 

What do you want from a testing app? There can be no best tool for every job. 

A little more information makes this answerable.

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For GUI testing, you can use Web Test by Appperfect. It is a fully automated GUI testing tool for web applications. Moreover, it is free.

For Performance testing, Load Test is a free tool from the same company. It is very easy to install and use. 


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GUI testing is the process of testing graphical user interface of an application and identifying any defects during the design development stage. GUI Testing becomes important to remove loopholes in the design and gain users attraction towards the system.

What will be testing during GUI testing?

GUI testing includes,

  • Validations of Screen
  • Size of GUI elements
  • The position of the GUI elements
  • Clear images alignment
  • Navigational Links
  • Text and font alignment
  • Numbers and date fields
  • Data integrity and usability
  • Displaying of proper error messages
  • Required fields validation
  • Progress bars

Different Approaches of GUI Testing

1) Manual GUI Testing

2) Record and Replay

3) Model-Based Testing

Top GUI Testing Tools

Here is the list of top 5 GUI testing tools.

  1. Selenium
  2. TestComplete
  3. Ranorex
  4. AutoIt
  5. FitNesse

Performance Testing

Performance testing is the process of testing the application, wherein a particular situation how the components of a system are performing. Resource usage, scalability, and reliability of the product are also validated under this performance testing.

Top Performance Testing Tools

  1. Apache JMeter
  2. LoadRunner
  3. WebLOAD
  4. LoadUI NG Pro
  5. LoadView


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You can very well use Jmeter for GUI and Performance Testing. JMeter supports multiple functionalites which Load runner has to offer. The additional add ons make it very convenient to use. The report generation is also very good.


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The market is full of a number of tools for test management, performance testing, GUI testing, functional testing, etc. I would suggest you opt for a tool that is on-demand, easy to learn as per your skills, generic, and effective for the required type of testing. Let’s have a look at the top 10 performance testing tools:

1. LoadNinja 

2. Apache JMeter

3. WebLOAD

4. LoadUI Pro

5. LoadView

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