From Steve Jobs's Leadership Style to IT's Evolution in the Workplace: An Interview with Eric Bloom—Part 1


EB: The short answer is be watchful. Moving away from the Steve Jobs class, we have a concept of “thinking like a CIO.” Keeping in mind one’s specialty, you could actually extrapolate this to thinking like the CEO.

Anyway, the concept is rather than look at things from your own job, your own problems, your only task that you have to perform, if you can look at it at higher level, then what happens is it allows you to see things that you didn't see before, because, naturally, humans by our nature, we have to be able to filter out things we're not looking at.

For example, think of the highway you drive on the most.

JV: Okay.

EB: Okay?

JV: Yes.

EB: You drive that highway every day for a year. Then, all of a sudden one day you look down at your gas gauge and the little white thing there is pointing that you're almost out of gas.

JV: Yes, that's how it happens.

EB: You look up and now that gas is important to you. All of a sudden you stop seeing gasoline stations off of every edge that you never noticed before. It's the same concept. Jobs was always recognizant to look for quality talent. Tying it back to "thinking like a CIO," if you look at things the way your manager or your manager's manager would look at it, you can get a wider view of what your job is and how you can perform better as an individual in performing that job, because you're looking at it from your boss's perspective.

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