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Take Charge of Your Testing Career: Bring Your Skills to the Next Level[presentation]

Far too often in our careers we trust our fate to employers. We attend training and acquire skills needed for our jobs today. Unfortunately, as far too many have learned, careers can be stalled when you don't have the right skill sets. Much of testing’s future requires automation ability...

Jared Richardson
Go Test Yourself: A Self-Testing Automation Pattern[presentation]

Today even the simplest applications are built with numerous technologies, creating an ever-expanding need for tests. If you’ve built an automation framework and a suite of tests, Prakash Karaka says you are off to a good start. However, as your application changes expand, you are required...

Prakash Karaka
Big Data, Big Trouble: Getting into the Flow of Hadoop Testing[presentation]

Big Data, one of the latest buzzwords in our industry, involves working with petabytes of data captured by various systems and making sense of that data in some way. Maryam Umar has found that testing systems like Hadoop is very challenging because of the frequency with which the data...

Maryam Umar
The Role of Testers as Requirements Dealers[presentation]

Those of us in the business analyst role are encouraged to communicate with clients, while other roles in an organization may not have the same opportunity. However, talking to clients must not be limited to business analysts. Jyothi Rangaiah believes that testers need to talk to the...

Jyothi Rangaiah
Adaptive Automation: Tests that Recover Instead of Failing[presentation]

Are you tired of flaky automation scripts that fail without apparent cause? Are most script failures due to bugs in the test script rather than bugs in the product? Do you simply want to get more out of your automation framework? Many testers and organizations are frustrated with the high...

Scott Miles
Seven Steps to Pragmatic Mobile Testing[presentation]

Mobile testing is getting harder—more devices, multiple operating systems, higher quality expectations, and shorter development cycles. How do you deal with these demands? In order to align mobile testing with product strategies and market goals, Tom Chavez says you first need to (1) know...

Tom Chavez
The Path to Test Leadership: A Road Less Traveled[presentation]

Are you interested in growing into a test leadership position? Or do you shy away from leadership because you think you’ll lose your technical, hands-on testing skills? Regardless of your experience level, technical programming knowledge, and company organizational structure, following...

Tariq King
Agile Testing for Embedded and IoT Software Development[presentation]

Much of the success of agile adoptions is due to the automated testing approach used in agile projects. Because many of these techniques were pioneered in the development of web applications, it can be difficult to see how these techniques can be leveraged for a project where software is...

Thomas Stiehm
Smart Combinatorial Testing[presentation]

In the right hands, combinatorial testing can be a powerful testing strategy to reduce the number of tests. Unfortunately, when used improperly, it can hurt more than it helps. Ingo Philipp explains that there is not one single combinatorial testing technique that guarantees success. 

Ingo Philipp
The Four V’s of Big Data Testing: Variety, Volume, Velocity, and Veracity[presentation]

The expression “garbage, garbage out” emphasizes the need for thorough testing in any Big Data and analytics implementation. Big Data testing means ensuring the correctness and completeness of voluminous, often heterogeneous, data as it moves across different stages—ingestion, storage...

Jaya Bhagavathi Bhallamudi
Agile Testing at Etsy: How and Why It Works[presentation]

Growing team skill sets, resource management, pipeline management, career development, career definition, scaling issues, and optimizing efficiencies are just a few of the problems agile QA test teams face. If you have asked yourself How can I do more with less?, How can I increase the...

Arylee McSweaney
T-Shaped People: Time to Get in Shape for Your Testing Future[presentation]

Today, agile testers are being asked to do a lot more than just testing. The notion of “T-shaped people,” who combine technical skills with collaborative capabilities, was created by Tim Brown in the 1990s to describe the new breed of worker. Mary Thorn believes that anyone—including...

Mary Thorn
Testing in the Dark[presentation]

Isn't it amazing? Stakeholders drop software on our desks and expect us to test it—without any requirements, design, or product knowledge whatsoever. About the only clear thing is the absurd and unrealistic deadline. We are expected to bend over backward, spread magic pixie dust, and...

Rob Sabourin
A DevOps Primer: Whole Team Approaches for Better Software Quality[presentation]

With fingers wagging and eyes squinting, they query Why didn’t you find this problem during testing? How many times have you tried to defend yourself with things like We can’t test everything or It’s a corner case? Everyone knows you can’t improve quality with testing alone, so what can...

Marianne Hollier
Become a Performance Diagnostics Hero[presentation]

Andreas Grabner maintains that most performance and scalability problems don’t need a large or long running performance test or the expertise of a performance engineering guru. Don’t let anybody tell you that performance is too hard to practice because it actually is not. You can take the...

Andreas Grabner


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