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API Testing Is Critical—Here's How to Do It Right[presentation]

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Adam Sandman
Enabling Enterprise Quality[presentation]

Too often quality is identified as solely owned by the quality assurance team.

Mike Cullen
Performance Testing in a Containerized World[presentation]

Containerizing applications introduces major changes to the way we run those applications.

Valentin Guerlesquin
Safety-Critical Software the Quality Agilist’s Way[presentation]

Delivering hundreds of laser beams to brain tumors with sub-millimeter precision requires accurate, safe, and effective software that is developed and tested carefully and meticulously.

Roy Tuason
Automating the New York Times Crossword[presentation]

The New York Times digital crossword has more subscribers than the population of Iceland. The team responsible for this media mainstay add new features all the time. They release new games, like Spelling Bee and Letter Boxed.

Phil Wells
Stabilizing Continuous Testing in DevOps [presentation]

Organizations have matured their software development practices over the past few years. Despite advancements and innovations, testing remains one of the biggest challenges in DevOps.

Eran Kinsbruner
Advanced Principles of API Testing | Part 1[presentation]

When your enterprise application is moving from a monolithic to a microservices architecture, migrating your testing approach, design and framework can be quite an undertaking.

Varuna Srivastava
Destroying the Horcruxes of Full-Stack Automation[presentation]

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Iryna Suprun
How Fast Is My App? Performance Testing 101[presentation]

Product owners and stakeholders love to ask about performance. “Is the app fast? How fast?” What do those questions even mean? Are they interested in the number of transactions per second? The time for the page to load?

Gene Gotimer
Continuous Delivery Requires Radical Changes for Testers[presentation]

What do testing and quality look like in a continuous delivery world? Who does what and how? Is there still a need for testers, or do developers do all the testing?

Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan
What’s Our Job When the Machines Do Testing?[presentation]

Members of the engineering community are beginning to explore the exciting capabilities of artificial intelligence in order to remove even more mundane and manual tasks from our jobs.

Geoff Meyer
Are You Ready for Your Digital Transformation?[presentation]

Many organizations have embarked on a digital transformation in order to stay competitive and gain market share.

Kishore Kamath
Continuous Testing: A Fishbowl Discussion[presentation]

Many people confuse continuous testing with test automation, but continuous testing is much more.

Adam Auerbach
Test Data as a Service: Fueling Quality at Speed[presentation]

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Michael Puntumapanitch
The Impact of the IoT: What’s in Store for Testing[presentation]

No longer just a futuristic concept, the internet of things (IoT) has a strong presence in our world. If your business is not prepared for it, you’re already behind.

Jennifer Bonine


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