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STARWEST 2018 Reduce Wait Time with Simulation + Test Data Management[presentation]

Data has become the most significant roadblock that testers face today. In fact, up to 60% of a tester’s time is spent waiting for data.

Chris Colosimo
STARWEST 2018 Working with Anxiety: From Personal Weakness to Career Strength [presentation]

Each of us has personal weaknesses that are often perceived to have negative impacts on performance and capability in the workplace.

Julene Johnson
STARWEST 2018 Automate Your Application Test Deployments with Docker[presentation]

In a busy world, testing teams are asked to adopt new approaches to increase speed and flexibility of change. What methods and tools can help? Artem Golubev has seen many testing teams being told to use Docker.

Artem Golubev
Engineering for Compatibility[presentation]

Modern software development has brought us an incredibly powerful tool: continuous integration and deployment. However, taking advantage of this new system isn’t always straightforward.

Melissa Benua
STARWEST 2018 Improve Planning Estimates by Reducing Your Human Biases[presentation]

Are you puzzled about why your estimate turned out wrong, or stressed from working to meet an impossible deadline?

Andrew Brown
STARWEST 2018 Why "Why...?" Can Be the Most Important Question for QA to Ask[presentation]

To test a product, there are so many questions to ask, and so little time in which to ask them.

Jane Jeffers
STARWEST 2018 How to Automate Testing for Next-Generation Interfaces (BOTs, Alexa, Mobile)[presentation]

Today’s IT systems communicate with customers through multiple points of engagement and various interfaces, ranging from web, mobile, and voice to BOTs and apps like Alexa and Siri.

Sanil Pillai
STARWEST 2018 Marrying Artificial Intelligence with Software Testing: Challenges & Opportunities [presentation]

Emerging technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing have introduced a significant software variety and complexity.

Wendy Siew Wen Chin
STARWEST 2018 A Tale of Continuous Testing[presentation]

When the atmosphere is hostile to QA, and yet the demands on the QA Team are increasing, how do you transform a team where everything is tested and deployed manually, to an organization that delivers great software multiple times a day?

David Lumpkin
STARWEST 2018 Delivering the Goods: Harmonizing Regulated and Agile Practices[presentation]

Agile testing is hard. Testers contend with terse requirements, minimal process, little documentation, continually evolving business, technical and organizational factors. Auditors demand proof of compliance.

Griffin Jones
STARWEST 2018 Testing Imprecise Requirements[presentation]

Articles on and elsewhere reported that Volvo has recently discovered a non-traditional requirement: Any self-driving vehicle approved for use outside Australian cities must recognize kangaroos on or near the roadway and take prope

David Gelperin
STARWEST 2018 What Aircrews Can Teach Testing Teams[presentation]

United Flight 232 should have crashed with all 296 lives lost. Asiana Flight 214 should not have crashed at all. But the reality is very different.

Peter Varhol
STARWEST 2018 Mission Critical Automation Testing[presentation]

When critical subsystems fail, the resulting losses can be catastrophic. In the insurance industry, if premiums are miscalculated, defect costs can reach well over a million dollars.

Mike Keith
STARWEST 2018 Everything I Learned about Automation, I Learned from Saturday Morning Cartoons[presentation]

Do you remember sitting in front of the television as a kid enjoying your favorite Saturday morning cartoons? Chris Loder shows you how the lessons we learned from those cartoons apply to our everyday work in test automation.

Chris Loder
STARWEST 2018 Compliance and Agility—How It Can Be Done[presentation]

Delivering a compliant product is a resource intensive and challenging activity for most teams.

Aprajita Mathur


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