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Testing at 43,000 Feet: Reporting Risk That Matters[presentation]

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Alexandre Bauduin
Improve Testing of AI Systems with "Grey-Box" Testing Technique[presentation]

There are two main challenges to testing systems that incorporate elements of artificial intelligence.

Yury Makedonov
Strategies for Selecting the Right Open Source Framework for Cross-Browser Testing[presentation]

Organizations today are required to test their web application across browsers and mobile devices. Choosing the right framework is a matter of organizational as well as technical fit.

Eran Kinsbruner
Combatting Threats to Payment Processing in the Era of Connected Ecosystems[presentation]

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Elizabeth Koumpan
Ditch Your Bug-Tracking Tool: 3 Solid Tactics to Minimize Bug Counts[presentation]

A bug-free product release is an ideal that testers, developers, and project managers strive for, but when it comes to the go/no-go decision, the balance is often struck between "good" and "good enough," leaving behind a rotting to-do pile

Jerry Penner
Use BDD and Product Analytics to Change Your Vision of Quality[presentation]

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Laurent Py
Gaining Consciousness[presentation]

Testers make difficult decisions with minimal information in turbulent times on critical projects.  Independent consultant, Fiona Charles, suggests that testers must learn to draw a line in the decision-making process between trained intui

Fiona Charles
Docker and the Path to a Better Staging Environment[presentation]

Staging environments are notoriously difficult to set up and maintain.

Gil Tayar
Telling a Better Story: Finding Quality in the Agile User Story[presentation]

When delivering agile software development projects and conducting quality assurance and testing assessments, it often seems that “solving the testing problem” doesn’t solve “the quality problem.” The testing problem is much broader than just

Stephan Marceau
How AI Is Transforming Software Testing[presentation]

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Raj Subramanian
Everything I Know about Automation I Learned from Saturday Morning Cartoons[presentation]

Do you remember sitting in front of the television as a kid, enjoying your favorite Saturday morning cartoons? Chris Loder shows you how the lessons we learned from those cartoons apply to our everyday work in test automation.

Chris Loder
The Test Expert's Role in DevOps[presentation]

DevOps is a culture shift that emphasizes collaboration between software developers and other IT professionals while automating software delivery and infrastructure changes.

Mike Sowers
A Tester’s Role in Requirements Exploration[presentation]

Having a shared understanding of desired and undesired behaviors for each new product feature is key to delivering value to the business frequently and predictably. However, many teams lack this understanding even as they start coding.

Janet Gregory
Amir Rozenberg Implementing Digital Transformation: An Interview with Amir Rozenberg[interview]

In this interview, Amir Rozenberg, director of product management at Perfecto Mobile, says the success of a business depends on taking advantage of web apps that improve and simplify the customer experience, addressing options that will yield a successful implementation.

Jennifer Bonine
What’s Our Job When the Machines Do Testing?[presentation]

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Geoff Meyer


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