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Agile DevOps West You Can't Have DevOps if Fear Is Running Your Workplace[presentation]

A number of organizations today start their DevOps initiatives with automation. While it may help them grab the low-hanging fruit, it can only get them so far before they run into a big impediment: fear in the workplace.

Dana Pylayeva
Agile DevOps West Distributed Scrum Teams Whack-a-Mole:
 Creative Solutions to 
Common Obstacles[presentation]

Taking a newly formed distributed Scrum team from mediocre to high-performing has its share of challenges, including differences in language, culture, and time zones; a misunderstanding of Scrum; and the "us versus them" mentality.

Kimberly Andrikaitis
Agile DevOps West Hacks to Becoming a Mindful Agile Tester[presentation]

Have you ever felt like you've been working on multiple tasks all day long, but at the end of the day when you review your work, you realize you haven’t accomplished anything concrete?

Raj Subramanian
Agile DevOps West Fishbowl Discussion: How Much Automation Is Enough?[presentation]

These days, everyone knows some automation is a necessity. More usually feels better. But when are you done? Or when do you stop for now?

Ryan Ripley
Agile DevOps West Using Component Testing for Ultra-Fast Builds[presentation]

A best practice of software architecture is to design your applications into independent modules or components, with a published contract for interaction between components.

Timothy Cochran
Agile DevOps West 5 Common Types of Mobile App Bugs Found Using AI[presentation]

Among all mobile apps, the current error rate is believed to be at 15 percent.

Sandy Park
Agile DevOps West The Hard Part of Every Agile Transformation[presentation]

When it comes to an agile transformation, going through the motions of adopting a new set of attitudes, processes, and behaviors at the team level is easy.

Mike Cottmeyer
Agile DevOps West Exhaustion Is Not a Status Symbol [presentation]

We set out to transform the world of work with agile, yet we've heard the Scrum sprint cycle described as a “hamster wheel,” an endless conveyor belt of backlog and sprint reviews that developers cannot escape.

Melissa Boggs
Agile DevOps West Iterative versus Incremental: How Your Backlog Makes or Breaks Agility[presentation]

Agile is an incremental and iterative approach to delivering value to our customers. But too often, we assume that both approaches are fundamentally equivalent.

Mathias Eifert
Agile DevOps West Postmodern Testing[presentation]

If you want to speed up delivery while maintaining quality, this is the talk for you. Jason’s move from Microsoft to Google’s agile and DevOps-driven world was a shock.

Jason Arbon
Agile DevOps West Mobbing, Pairing, Soloing, and Pipe Fires: A Personal History of Collaboration[presentation]

Pair programming: the practice you love to hate! Twenty years after being introduced as part of Extreme Programming, the collaborative practice is still a thing.

Jeff Langr
Agile DevOps West Leadership in the Age of Agile[presentation]

Do you want to grow your organization’s ability to respond to market opportunities, competitive pressures, or opportunities for innovation?

Ryan Ripley
Agile DevOps West How to Avoid Automation Framework Sinkholes[presentation]

Test automation frameworks are constantly plagued by runaway costs and huge codebases that become maintenance nightmares. Successful automation frameworks are best defined under the “keep it simple, stupid” philosophy—KISS!

Laura Keaton
Agile DevOps West Panel: What's the Next Big Thing in DevOps?[presentation]

Are you comfortable with what DevOps is now but wondering what you will have to worry about next? Or just curious about what our experts think will be the next big thing in DevOps?

Greg Sypolt
Agile DevOps West AWS Lambda: Best Practices and Common Mistakes[presentation]

Serverless architectures relieve you of hardware and scaling setup concerns, and AWS Lambda functions are used by many organizations for serverless application development and automating DevOps tasks.

Derek Ashmore


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