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Contract Testing with Pact: A Different Approach[presentation]

With the microservice architecture evolving and becoming a golden standard, the necessity of testing the contracts between services appears to be more and more obvious.

Mihail Mikulaninec
The Inner Game of User Stories[presentation]

When agile teams are working, the all-important stories stay on the wall (or, worse, in a tool). They sometimes get seen, touched, and loved only once a day. Why are the stories not the focus of the work?

Cory Bryan
Agile + DevOps East Agile Metrics: Let NUM8ERS Tell the Story[presentation]

Agile and DevOps metrics and dashboards enable agile teams and their leaders to measure time to market, quality, productivity, predictability, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Jagdish Karira
Maximizing Agile Benefits through Understanding Learning Styles[presentation]

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Robin Foster
We Inflicted DevOps on Our Business—Now What?[presentation]

It seems that everyone is aflutter with DevOps, the shiny new panacea for all of our software ailments. What technical goodness can DevOps bestow upon us? What riddles does it unlock for us as technologists?

Allison Pollard
Agile + DevOps East 5 Steps to a DevOps Transformation[presentation]

For any continuously improving organization, certain actions are commonly applicable when going through large amounts of change. Dan Barker walks through the five steps to transformational change that he's found to be crucial for moving to DevOps processes.

Dan Barker
So You’re Using Docker. Now What?[presentation]

These days everyone wants to containerize their application, but not everyone understands the best way to go about it.

Ryan Kenney
Build a Healthy Product Backlog with User Story Mapping[presentation]

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Bala Lakshminarayan
Using Lean XP to Supercharge Your Agile Delivery[presentation]

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Jim Collins
Transforming a Team of Agile Skeptics into Agilists[presentation]

Teams can hesitate to adopt agile practices, even when there’s a clear desire for transformation at the executive level. But there are strategies for coaching agile-skeptical teams into an agile mindset.

Scott Weiner
Agile + DevOps East A DevOps Fireside Chat with Andy Glover[presentation]

You've got DevOps questions, and we've got Andy Glover to answer them for you. He won't really be sitting by the fire, but he will be on hand to talk about all things DevOps. 

Owen Gotimer
DevOps Panel: Compliance While Moving Faster[presentation]

Do you want to move at the speed of DevOps, but need to show compliance to your organization, a governing body, or through regulation? Are you already struggling with compliance and want to know how DevOps could help?

Helen Beal
Town Hall: Challenges and Solutions in Cross-Team Collaboration[presentation]

Working with other teams can be tough. There are different goals, different incentives, and different reporting structures.

Jaimee Newberry
Agile + DevOps East A Fool with a Tool: The Dangers of Ignoring Culture by Overfocusing on Tools[presentation]

Many organizations ignore culture and overfocus on picking and implementing the right tools. However, these tools have underlying cultural assumptions. If the current culture does not support these assumptions, then automation will only have limited success, or even fail altogether. 

Tim Guay
Effective Test Automation in DevOps[presentation]

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Lee Barnes


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