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Globe showing part of the world, photo by Duangphorn Wiriya The 4 C’s of Managing Distributed Agile Teams[article]

Scrum works well for collocated teams, but working with distributed teams brings its own different challenges. There should be some controls in order to prevent instability, ambiguity, and tension from turning into chaos. As the ScrumMaster is the servant leader of the team, here are four important initiatives the ScrumMaster can take to guide their teams—the four C’s of managing distributed agile teams.

Ajeet Singh
Man holding string lights up to his face Embracing the Learning Curve in Software Development[article]

In software development, we're constantly learning new skills because we have to. Technology and its associated best practices are constantly changing, but this is a good thing—it means our industry is evolving quickly. It also means we are constantly on the learning curve. Having a good mindset about continuously learning can help you go far in the software world.

David Bernstein
Icon of a dial showing good system performance Measuring the Performance of Your Operations Center[article]

Many organizations have problems with consistently tracking and measuring system outages. Issues aren't logged, admins make changes to systems without going through change management, and a high number of issues turn out to be recurring problems. Implementing a performance measurement process calculates system reliability and can help you improve consistency.

Nels Hoenig
5 Ways to Make Load Testing Work for You[presentation]

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Israel Rogoza
Shift Your Perspective on Data and Influence Stakeholders[presentation]

With all the open source tools available in the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which might meet your needs and which will work best in your environment.

Jennifer Bonine
Mobbing for Test Design: Connecting with Your Colleagues’ Test Ideas[presentation]

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Jeff MacBane
Troubleshooting and Understanding Modern Systems: Tools Testers Need[presentation]

Successful agile testers collaborate with programmers as code is written, isolating problems, troubleshooting defects, and debugging code all along the way to getting the product to done.

Chris Blain
Behavior-Driven Testing Using Page Object Models[presentation]

Does it feel like you spend half of every sprint fixing failing automated functional tests? Are programmers unwilling to work with automation code? Is test automation a maintenance nightmare? There is a better way.

Brian Hicks
Why Military Veterans Make Exceptional Testers[presentation]

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Brenda Hall
Testing Retail VR Applications[presentation]

Traditional test approaches break down when applied to retail virtual reality systems.

Nimesh Patel
Devices and Desires: As Humans How Do We Experience Software?[presentation]

We consume and still we desire more. More devices, more apps, more data, more bandwidth, more connectivity. The more we have, the more we want …. We assume that to be true – those of us who work in the software industry. But is that true?

Isabel Evans
Testing in the Dark: Improving Quality when You Don't Know the Product[presentation]

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Rob Sabourin
The Importance of When: How to Effect Change in Your Team[presentation]

Have you ever had lots of ideas to improve software quality, but your project team seemed less than responsive? Does your team struggle to work well together?

Julie Gardiner
Test Management in Agile—What Happened to All My Testers?[presentation]

Substantial confusion exists about the roles and responsibilities of test management when using an agile software development process.

Jeffery Payne
No More Shelfware—Let's Just Drive Test Automation[presentation]

When Isabel Evans learned to drive a car, she also learned how to check, clean, and change spark plugs, mend the fan belt with a stocking, and indicate speed and direction changes with arm and hand signals.

Isabel Evans


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