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Measuring Team Velocity[presentation]

The velocity metric is often misunderstood, poorly measured, and misused by both management and development. Managers want to know how to increase this number. Developers worry they're being evaluated based on it.

Rob Myers, Agile Institute
Adopting Agile: Baby Steps and Pervasive Feeback[presentation]

You want to begin adopting agile practices in your team and organization. Where to start?

George Dinwiddie, iDIA Computing, LLC
The Good, Bad, and Puzzling: What Agile Data Is Telling Us[presentation]

Strategic software development successes-and failures-happen every day, sometimes delighting customers and other times having devastating consequences.

Michael Mah, QSM Associates, Inc.
Meaningful Metrics for Agile Teams and Organizations[presentation]

The old adage “If you can measure it, you can manage it” also implies that meaningless metrics lead to meaningless management and harmful metrics lead to harmful management.

Niel Nickolaisen, Energy Solutions
Are We There Yet? Challenges for the Next Decade[presentation]

Some people find agile to be a bit boring these days-they think that after a decade, there’s not much left to discover. However, if you look around, there are a host of software development problems just waiting for a solution.

Mary Poppendieck, Poppendieck LLC
Big Agility Requires Little-a agile[presentation]

The hardest part of big projects is that they are BIG. Of course “big” means different things to different people. What some measure in cash, others measure in technology.

David Hussman, DevJam
Reality Over Rhetoric: Busting Some of the Myths Around Agile[presentation]

Many myths surround agile software development: agile has been adopted by the majority of development teams; agile approaches are more effective than waterfall approaches; agile teams don't do up front requirements or architecture; agile team

Scott Ambler, IBM Rational
Agile Customer Validation Vision[article]

When applying validation, should you limit yourself to the end-of-sprint review or demo—the practice most people associate with agile validation—or should you utilize other validation types where customers provide feedback? Where do the customers who attend validation sessions come from? In this article, you will learn about the importance of the ACVV and how to establish a vision to benefit the product and each project therein.

Mario  Moreira's picture Mario Moreira
We're Agile[article]

I always recommend to teams newly transitioning to agile that they keep every iteration the same length. This helps them learn to manage their time, and after a few iterations they'll start to get a rhythm. Hopefully, they'll learn to work incrementally, doing testing and coding concurrently as part of one development effort, so that user stories are finished throughout the iteration, and testing isn't pushed to the last day.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
It’s the Goal, Not the Role: The Value of Business Analysis in Scrum[article]

“Business analyst” is not a distinct role on Scrum or other agile teams. And yet, the goal for the team—to deliver high-valued product needs—requires strong business analysis skills. Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman describe the vital analysis work needed reach the goal, regardless of role.

Software Performance Testing: Beyond Record and Playback[presentation]

Predictable software performance is crucial to the success of almost every enterprise system and, in some cases, to the success of the company itself.

Alim Sharif, Ultimate Software Group
The Test Manager's Dashboard: Making It Accurate and Relevant[presentation]

Gathering and presenting clear information about quality-both product and process-may be the most important part of the test manager's job.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
Multi-level Testing in Agile Development[presentation]

Before they could begin automated testing, test teams used to wait on the sidelines for developers to produce a stable user interface. Not anymore.

Roi Carmel, Hewlett-Packard
Handling Failures in Automated Acceptance Tests[presentation]

One of the aims of automated functional testing is to run many tests and discover multiple errors in one execution of the test suite.

Alexandra Imrie, BREDEX GmbH
End-to-End Testing-When the Middle Is Moving[presentation]

State-of-the-art development technologies and methods have increased our ability to rapidly implement new systems to support continuously changing business needs.

Ruud Teunissen, POLTEQ IT Services BV


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