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Optimizing Modular Test Automation[presentation]

Modular test automation frameworks minimize script maintenance, increase reuse, and help maximize the ROI of your automation efforts.

David Dang, Zenergy Technologies
Data Manufacturing: A Test Data Management Solution[presentation]

Does your test organization create test data that represents production-like data? Does it fully protect the privacy of customers and the confidentiality of the business?

Fariba Alim-Marvasti, Aetna / Enterprise Testing & Quality Assurance
STAREAST 2011: Service-driven Test Management[presentation]

Over the years, the test manager's role has evolved from "struggling to get involved early" to today's more common "indispensable partner in project success." In the past, it was easy to complain that the testing effort could not be carried o

Martin Pol, Polteq Test Services B.V.
The Agile Build Pipeline: A Tester's Lessons Learned[presentation]

When Insurance Australia Group wanted to launch a new online car insurance service, complex technical issues called for early integration and strong testing capabilities.

Kristan Vingrys, Thoughtworks
Performance Testing Mobile Applications[presentation]

The mobile web is growing at an unprecedented rate with people around the globe using their mobile phones to connect, network, share, and meet. Mobile has suddenly emerged as one of the primary delivery platforms for many companies.

Shirish Bhale, Impetus Technologies Inc.
The Net Promoter Score: Measure and Enhance Software Quality[presentation]

Would you like to know–prior to release–how your customers will perceive product quality?

Anu Kak, PayPal, Inc.
Automated Unit Test Generation: Improve Quality Earlier[presentation]

Are you tired of finding seemingly simple defects late in development? Do you detect the majority of defects during late-stage, formal testing? Are your development teams too resource-constrained to perform serious unit testing?

Brian Robinson, ABB Inc.
Active Context Listening: The Tester's Power Tool[presentation]

Context drivers–business, technological, and organizational factors–should be important influences in how we make testing decisions.

Rob Sabourin,
The Estimate Is Nothing, The Estimating Is Everything[presentation]

In many software projects, estimation is consistently troublesome, contentious, and unreliable.

Dale Emery, DHE
Exploratory Validation: What We Can Learn from Testing Investment Models[presentation]

Over the past few years, the airwaves have been flooded with commercials for investment-support software. Do your research with us, they promise, and you can make scads of money in the stock market. How could we test such a product?

Cem Kaner, Florida Institute of Technology
STAREAST 2011: Performance Engineering: More Than Just Load Testing[presentation]

Performance testing that is only done at the last minute–just prior to launch–is the wrong approach for complex systems which have many opportunities for performance bottlenecks.

Rex (Red) Black, J9 Technologies
Managing with Metrics[presentation]

Many consider metrics a thorn in the side of software test and development efforts. However, when used properly, metrics offer critical insight into underlying issues within projects.

Shaun Bradshaw, Zenergy Technologies
Automation Strategies for Testing Complex Data and Dashboards[presentation]

Test automation engineers are inevitably confronted with the difficult challenge of testing a screen containing hundreds–if not thousands–of data values.

Greg Paskal, JCPenney
Thread-based Exploratory Testing[presentation]

Although most of us begin our day with a prioritized plan–our To Do list–almost instantly we are plagued by distractions and interruptions.

Jon Bach, eBay Inc
Top Testing Challenges We Face Today[presentation]

Some people thrive on challenges; others struggle daily to deal with them. Handled well, challenges can make us stronger, more passionate, and more determined to succeed.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants


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